These are the paired heirs, their positions, and their numbers:

  1. Madame Sun Lin Hoo, cook - Jake Wexler, standing or sitting when not laying down
  2. Turtle Wexler, witch- Flora Baumbach, Dressmaker
  3. Christos Theodorakis, birdwatcher- D. Denton Deere, intern, St. Joseph's Hospital, Department of Plastic Surgery
  4. Alexander McSouthers, Doorman- J. J. Ford, judge, Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court
  5. Grace Windsor Wexler, heiress- James Shin Hoo, restauranteur
  6. Berthe Erica Crow, Good Salvation Soup Kitchen- Otis Amber, deliverer
  7. Theo Theodorakis, brother- Doug Hoo, first in all-state high school mile run
  8. Sydelle Pulaski, secretary to the president- Angela Wexler, none